Earn with us

It is very simple: your participation in the renewable energy projects means tangible investment which brings you regular and long-term income.

A solar power plant is worth it! 

You want to invest your money in an environmentally friendly way or use an idle land plot, a roof or an area not in use? With our help you can make it work for you.

Please follow the link to the Profit Sample to know more about the reachable income results, or the link to the Investments - to know more about your participation possibilities.

We can offer landowners and/or building owners different models of plants designed and adjusted for the specific needs and wishes of the client. You can finance it yourself or lease your roof, for example, to one of our operating companies for producing eco-friednly electricity. Get to know more under Models and Roof-leasing.

Being a homeowner, you can also earn money with the Sun using your KW-RENEG®-PV-Plant. Whether you want to use the produced electricity yourself or feed it to the public grid, you receive an attractive compensation. Discover your opportunities to earn money with us under Private-Clients and Profit-Samples.

How is it possible to earn money with the Sun and KW-RENEG®?

Photovoltaics not only help to protect the environment, they can also serve as an investment with a social backgound.

With the guaranteed by law compensation for the fed into the public grid electricity produced by the solar plants, with the favourable interest rates for project financing, attractive option for amortisation and the highest quality of the components the photovoltaic plant meets all the criteria you would set for investments into the future.

One of the most important factors influencing the profitability of the solar power plant is the amount of the payment for the electricity which is fed into the public grid. The respective rate is stated by the EEG - the Law on the Renewable Energy.

However, even after reduction of the payment rates the solar power plant can be still profitable.

This, of course, depends on a number of factors, such as the conditions of the project financing or the location of the building, etc. Therefore our experts are at your service. You can simply apply for a special non-binding offer here.