Capital investments

As an investor, you will put your maney into the real comprehensible value, which will bring you long-term income due to the guarantees provided in the Law on the Renewable Energy (EEG).

From the very first begnning, your investment into one of our operational companies will be absolutely transparent, clearly structured and assessable. Your money would not be spread between the different power plants, no. All the financial indicators and rates, including the taxes, would be calculated personally for you. Moreover, with our internet-control panel you would be always able to control your (or partially yours, depending on the size of the investment) solar power plant, as well as request the respective evaluation.

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Brief overview of your advantages:

  • Comprehensible investment
  • Easy calculated cash-flow for 20 years, plus a start of operation year
    • guaranteed by law payment for fed into the grid energy
    • high predictability of the level of sunshine (due to the available for every location data for the last decades)
    • independence from the prices for raw materials (compare to biomass, for example) or for rent
  • With KW-RENEG®: high quality of the solar power plant due to:
    • constant high quality of the brand-names and approved materials (components) (= longer guaranteed lifetime)
    • optimal location of the power plant with the best price-quality ratio